KemRemove® is a biodegradable concrete remover /cleaner  that removes efficiently concrete residues, demolding oils, ciment and other substances from tools and equipment. Contrary to other products, KemRemove® is totally safe for the environment, the equipment and tools. Since for us the health of the users is a priority this product does not emit any toxic vapor.

KemRemove® is solvent and VOC free.

why chose our products ?

Safe for Users and Environment

KemRemove is a safe solution for your equipment and the environment.  KemRemove does not contain any CMR.

Our product can be eligible to an LEED Certification.

Efficient Work

KemRemove is a product that will remove efficiently all concrete from tools and equipment whithout harming them.

Protective solution

Used daily it prevents the adhesion of concrete and helps to enhance the equipment lifespan.