Kemdemold VG

KemDemold® VG is a 100% vegetable based release agent particulary recommended on construction sites where the environmental aspect and the safety of users are a priority.

Solvent and VOC free it is 100% made from vegetable oils (canola) it is safe for the environment and for the users.

Kemdemold PLUS

KemDemold® PLUS is a ready-to-use water based release agent that has been developed to reach maximum performance.

KemDemold® PLUS limits bubbling and gives architectural quality to concrete walls. It is the best choice when it comes to white concrete, architectural concrete or any exposed concrete.

why chose our products ?

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› Safe for Users and Environment

The Kemdemold range is composed of solutions that are solvent free and biobased. KemDemold VG and KemDemold PLUS do not contain CMR.

Our product can be eligible to an LEED Certification.


› Compatible with aluminium, wood, plastic and paint

The compatibility with several materials has been tested in laboratory. All our range is compatible with materials used on construction sites.

construction industry

› Architectural solutions

In order to meet higher expectations, our products have been developed and tested on french constructions and precast sites in several conditions.

How to apply KemDemold ?

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