KemBitume Remover®  dissolves bitumen ressidues on tools and equipment. It is more effective than mineral products and fuel oil while taking into consideration the user, the environment and the tools. This product is 100% biobased and does not contain any CMR.

KemBitume Remover® has been  specially developped to be used in workshop to clean finishers, trucks and tools. It must not be used on site.

KemBitume Remover® does not contain hazardous components, thus it is not labelled according to CLP.

KemBitume Remover® is more efficient than Fuel oil

According to our laboratory tests, KemBitume Remover dissolves bitumen almost two times faster than Fuel oil.


why chose our products ?


Safe for Users and Environment

KemBitume Remover is a biobased solution. This product does not contain CMR.  It is a product which respects the environment, the equipment and the user.

Efficient Work

A solution made for you that does not leave bitumen on your tools. A product which is more efficient than fuel oil based products.


Protective solution

Used daily it prevents the adhesion of bitumen and helps to enhance the equipment lifespan.