KemShield® is a protective and cleaning agent for concrete mixers in concrete plants. It is 100% biobased and solvent free agent.

It can be used as a protective or a curative agent.


Preventive agent

Sprayed before the use of the tools, KemShield® acts as a preventive agent. Its purpose is to prevent the adhesion of concrete on mixers and tools while it also enhances the equipment lifespan.

Curative agent (weak acid)

As a curative agent, it cleans the equipment layer by layer where the concrete is quick to stick and harden. It is applied at the end of the day and operates during the night reducing concrete deposits.


KemShield® can be used without degradation of steel, aluminium, plastics and paints. Formworks, tools and ciment mixers can be cleaned without risks for the equipment, the user and the environement.

Developed for mixers, it can also be used in any area where the concrete is processed, whether on building sites, in ready mix plants or within precast factories.

why chose our products ?

Safe for Users and Environment

The KemShield is a product that is solvent free and biobased. KemShield does not contain CMR nor any other hazardous components. 

Our product can be eligible to an LEED Certification. 

concrete plant

Compatible with aluminium, wood, plastic and paint

The compatibility with severals materials has been tested in laboratory. All our range is compatible with materials used on construction sites.

Protective solution

Used daily it prevents the adhesion of concrete and helps to enhance the equipment lifespan.