Kembitume Protect PLUS

KemBitume® Protect PLUS is an asphalt release agent and its formula is patented. Our product prevents bitumen to stick to tools. With its new formula, it does not cause road pathology.

Water based, it does not contain any CMR and it is highly biodegradable.

Kembitume Protect

KemBitume® Protect is 100% vegetable based bitumen release agent. KemBitume Protect is a dual solution used to prevent the adhesion of bitumen but also to clean layer by layer tools and equipment directly on the site every day.

Solvent free and 100% made from vegetable oils  it is safe for the environment and for the users.

why chose our products ?


› Safe for Users and Environment

The products of the KemBitume range are solvent free and biobased solutions. KemBitume Protect and KemBitume Protect PLUS do not contain CMR.

› Efficient Work

The first solution that does not cause road pathology.


› Protective solution

Used daily it prevents the adhesion of bitumen and helps to enhance the equipment lifespan.

How to apply KemBitume Protect and KemBitume Potect PLUS ?

Our product can be used at any times of the day and as much as you want. Plus, our products have a long last so it is not necessary to use it a lot every day.

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